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Colleen Moore Filmography

This filmography is a combination of several sources and is certainly not complete. While Colleen’s credited roles are well known, there are possible uncredited roles out there that are not generally known. Kathleen Morrison spent time in her youth in Chicago, film capitol of the world at the time. Later in her film career, she would claim to have appeared in the background of several Essanay productions... a single head in the background, for a few seconds. It would have been a simple matter to get into then background of a film at that time. Also, Colleen was aware of the importance of publicity, she no doubt made appearances in countless newsreels that are not recorded anywhere.

Uncredited Roles


The American Film Institute Salute to Lillian Gish (1984)


Hollywood (1980) (mini)


... aka Hollywood: A Celebration of the American Silent Film


75 Years of Cinema Museum (1972)


This Is Your Life - Mervyn LeRoy (1960)


The Voice of Hollywood Number 15 (1930) (uncredited)


Life in Hollywood Number 2 (1927)


Her credited roles here are presented in alphabetical order.


Affinities (released 24 Sep or 15 Oct 1922, 6 reels)


April Showers (released 21 Oct 1923, 6 reels)


The Bad Boy (released 18 Feb 1917, 5 reels)


Broken Chains (released 24 Dec 1922, 7 reels)


Broken Hearts of Broadway (released Jul 1923, 7 reels)


The Busher (released 18 May 1919, 5 reels)


Come On Over (released Los Angeles, Chicago, and Cleveland premieres: 11 Mar 1922, 6 reels)


Common Property (released 18 Oct 1919, 6 reels)


The Cyclone (released Jan--Feb 1920, 5 reels)


The Desert Flower (released 21 Jun 1925, 7 reels)


The Devil's Claim (released 2 May 1920, 5 reels)


Dinty (released 29 Nov 1920, 6-7 reels)


The Egg Crate Wallop (released 28 Sep 1919, 5 reels)


Ella Cinders (released 6 Jun 1926, 7 reels)


Flaming Youth (released 12 Nov 1923, 9 reels)


Flirting With Love (released 17 Aug 1924, 7 reels)


Footlights and Fools (released 1929)


Forsaking All Others (released 10 Dec 1922, 5 reels)


Hands Up! (released 29 Apr 1917, 5 reels)


Happiness Ahead (released 24 Jun 1928, 8 reels)


Her Wild Oat (released 25 Dec 1927, 7 reels)


His Nibs (released Oct 1921, 5 reels)


A Hoosier Romance (released 18 Aug 1918, 5 reels)


The Huntress (released 20 Aug 1923,? reels)


Irene (released 21 Feb 1926, 9 reels)


It Must Be Love (released 22 Aug 1926, 7 reels)


Lilac Time (released 18 Oct 1928, 11 reels)


Little Orphant Annie (released Dec 1918, ? reels)


Look Your Best (released 18 Feb 1923, ? reels)


The Lotus Eater (released New York opening: 27 Nov 1921, Jam 1922, 7 reels)


The Man in the Moonlight (released 28 Jul 1919, 6 reels)


Naughty But Nice (released 26 Jun 1927, 7 reels)


The Ninety and Nine (released 17 Dec 1922, 7 reels)


The Nth Commandment (released 18 Mar 1923, 8 reels)


Oh, Kay (released 26 Aug 1928, 6 reels)


An Old Fashioned


Young Man (released 15 Apr 1917, 5 reels)


Orchids and Ermine (released 6 Mar 1927, 7 reels)


Painted People (released Jan 1924, 7 reels)


The Perfect Flapper (released 25 May 1924, 7 reels)


The Power and the Glory (released 1933)


Sally (released 29 Mar 1925, 9 reels)


The Savage (released 19 Nov 1917, 5 reels)


The Scarlet Letter (1934)


The Sky Pilot (released May 1921, 7 reels)


Slippy McGee (released New York premiere: 11 Jun 1923, 7 reels)


Smiling Irish Eyes (released 28 Jul 1929, 8 reels)


So Big (released 28 Dec 1924, ? reels)


So Long Letty (released 17 Oct 1920, 6 reels)


Social Register (1934)


Success at Any Price (1934)


Synthetic Sin (released 6 Jan 1929, 7 reels)


Through the Dark (released 6 Jan 1924, 8 reels)


Twinkletoes (released 28 Nov 1926, 8 reels)


The Wall Flower (released May 1922, 6 reels)


We Moderns (released 15 Nov 1925, 7 reels)


When Dawn Came (released Apr 1920, 7 reels)


Why Be Good? (released 12 Mar 1929, 8 reels)


The Wilderness Trail (released 6 Jul 1919, 5 reels)




The Prince of Graustark (1916) - Several people have declared that Colleen (then Kathleen) appears as "the maid," though the part is uncredited. In fact, thee are several maids in the scene. Whoever the actress is, she is reputed to be the spitting image of Colleen, though opinions differ. The film was made during the summer in Chicago, at about the time of the year Colleen would have been in town, if in fact she was in Chicago that year.

The Little American (1917) - Several on-line sources claim she had an uncredited part in the background. At the time, Fine Arts may have been going under, and it is possible that she took some time to appear in the background, though I've found no documentation.

Ben-Hur (1925) - Like many Hollywood personalities, Colleen got the invite to appear as an extra in the crowds of the chariot scene, and so somewhere in the sea of faces is Colleen.




In addition to film and television, she made frequent appearances on radio during har career, as well as after. She hosted the Mutual Network's Safety Legion program from the mid-1940s, a fifteen-minute feature that played daily at 5 pm. While married to Homer Hargrave, she gained a new fame as a civic leader, and was frequently mentioned in the Chicago Tribune's "Tower Ticker" column.

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